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About Eagle Co-op

 General Co-op Information

About the Board

The EAGLE Co-op board consists of volunteers who attend Reno Christian Fellowship and who are dedicated to promoting friendship and knowledge in the homeschool community. We are continually preparing for the next session and need your input and suggestions about classes that would interest your children. Please speak to Nicole Frens with your ideas. If you need to contact any other board member, see the Contact Page.

How does it work?

This is a co-op. That means everyone works together to make the program work. We need parents helping in every classroom. On the Thursday before classes begin we will meet for volunteer sign-up and class payments. Volunteer sign-ups are during this time on a first come basis, and most teachers appreciate having the same helper each week. We also need set-up and clean-up volunteers if helping before and after classes works better for your schedule. In order to be fair, volunteer hours are based on number of students and number of classes in which your family is enrolled.

We are a non-profit organization and only charge for the actual cost of each class. There is a per session family fee of $35.00 for two or more children and $25.00 for one child enrolled in EAGLE Co-op. This money is used for operating the co-op. Our classes are taught by volunteer parents and contracted vendors. The vendor teachers graciously reduce their standard rates for us, and we appreciate their skills and knowledge.

About Our Facilities

We meet at Reno Christian Fellowship, 1700 W. Zolezzi Lane in southwest Reno, on Thursday afternoons. EAGLE map(Click here for a map from Google, with directions from any address.) For easy access to the EAGLE Home School Co-op classes, please park in the rear, left parking lot (southwest corner of the church). Please use the rear doors.

Reno Christian Fellowship (RCF) has graciously allowed us to use their facility for FREE! Out of respect to RCF, we ask that you keep a watchful eye out for your children before and after classes. For safety and liability reasons, children are not allowed to be unsupervised in any portion of the church, lawn area, parking lot or playground.

The South playground is for supervised Co-op use. The North playground is to be used only by the RCF Pre-School. RCF has a concurrent Pre-School and counseling sessions during Co-op classes. The designated RCF Pre-School hallway is "off-limits" to Co-op children due to Washoe County immunization regulations.

When does the co-op meet?

The Eagle Co-op meets on Thursdays between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm. The day's schedule is listed below. We meet for two sessions per year in the fall from September through December, and in the spring from February through May.

  • 12:00-12:55 First Hour
  •  1:00- 1:55   Second Hour
  •  2:00- 2:55   Third Hour

About Participation

As parents, we are aware of our children's social and academic abilities. The age and grade limits posted, give you an idea of the level the class will be geared for. If you have a child who is particularly gifted in a subject, you can request a special placement- which may be granted if the class is not full and at the discretion of the teacher.

By enrolling your child(ren) in the EAGLE Home School Co-op, you agree to the Hold Harmless Agreement.


The Eagle Co-op communicates through Eagle Talk, a Yahoo Group. In order to receive updates and information regarding Eagle, you MUST sign up for Eagle Talk through this link:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you know what to expect this session:

Can I drop my children off?
No, this is a co-op. We do not assume legal responsibility for your children. Every child must have one responsible adult on the premises. We do have a sign out the procedure if you need to leave occasionally but normally you should expect to be there.

  What if I have children who do not have a class that I need to be watching?
All children are expected to be in a classroom. If they do not have a class while they have a sibling in a class they will be assigned to Study Hall. We want to respect the property of Reno Christian Fellowship and honor them by not having children running around the property during co-op hours.

  What can my child do in Study Hall?
The child can bring a book to read, a quiet toy or play a board game. We have a few board games in the room. A volunteer mom will be supervising the Study Hall each hour. This is a great socializing opportunity.

  How often do I have to volunteer?
Each family provides one volunteer for their family (mom, dad, grandparent). The number of volunteer hours varies each session based on the number of families we have enrolled and the number of volunteers we need in the classrooms. Every class needs to have at least one volunteer to assist the teacher.

    What if my family only comes for one hour?
If you are only attending one hour, you will only be assigned volunteer hours during that hour. You will also have fewer volunteer hours than families attending multiple hours.

  What if I am carpooling from Carson or Dayton?
This is a very special circumstance and does not happen very often; therefore we can make special arrangements in this case. The carpooling parent will assume responsibility for all the children in her carpool that day.

  Where do I sign up to volunteer?
We will meet at Reno Christian Fellowship on “Final Registration and Orientation Day” to finalize your registration, pay your co-op bill and sign up for volunteer hours. We are there from 1 pm until 3 pm. This is the last day to make any changes to your class schedule. We will meet the teachers, go over the EAGLE program, and do a tour for new families. 

Does it matter what time I show up on Registration Day?
Orientation is mandatory and will begin at 1:00. After orientation is a time to sign-up to volunteer in classrooms and to pay for your classes. We do not take credit or debit cards, so please have cash or checks to pay your invoice. You will receive a final invoice by email before registration day.

  What if I cannot make it to registration day?
We really prefer if you can all come, especially the new families. If you cannot come you will need to email Kelley Radow to sign up for your volunteer hours.

  Can I change my child's schedule?
The last day to make changes in your children's schedule is Registration Day. The registrar will be available and able to make changes if there is room in the classes.

  What if my child does not like a class?
You may, of course, remove your child from any class that he does not like. You will not receive a refund for the class because the teacher has already bought the materials for the class and cannot return them. We are sorry but we have found this must be our policy. Vendor teachers also expect to be paid for all students who enroll.

  Can I put my child in a class after it begins?
If a class has room and the teacher agrees you can enroll a child in a class after the class begins. You will pay full price for the class.

  Where does my money go?
We try very hard to have good quality classes that are affordable to our homeschooling families. Most of our classes are taught by moms or dads who have children in the co-op. They charge only the cost of materials for the class.
Some of our classes are taught by vendors. They offer us a class at a price less than you could typically get it if you went directly to them. They give your child an opportunity to try something new.
We also collect a small family fee. Some of this money we give to Reno Christian Fellowship in the form of a tithe. They graciously let us use their building for free. We like to give them a small donation to help offset heating and cooling costs.
The rest of the family fee goes toward insurance and the end of the year showcase.

  Who does the cleanup?
We have a volunteer cleanup crew which works with the cleanup coordinator after classes end at 3:00. The crew’s commitment starts at 3:00 and lasts until about 3:45. We are responsible for vacuuming, gathering trash, and cleaning the restrooms in the areas that the co-op uses.

  How will I know what to clean?
Our cleanup coordinator will supervise the cleanup crew and let everyone know what needs to be done. She will excuse you when it is all completed. 

How long will cleanup take?
We usually were done by 3:45 pm to 4 pm last year.

  What can I do with my children while I clean up?
We have a playground available outside with moms around for supervision during the cleanup time. If the weather is bad, the children can be in the classroom while you are cleaning. Older children are encouraged to help. 

Can I teach a class?
We are always looking for new ideas and new teachers. If you have an idea and/or a desire to teach please contact our program coordinator, Nicole Frens.  Teaching a class takes special effort but comes with the benefit of knowing you are contributing to the homeschooling community in Northern Nevada.

Will your family be absent?

Report the Absence Here